AIM Global Website Order Requirements Form

Thanks for Ordering Your AIM Global Website. Kindly fill the form below with appropriate details. You can reach me on WhatsApp Only Only via:  +2347031086935 for assistance.

Website Order Requirements

  • -- This will be your website's Home Page link. This is on a first-come first-served basis. You can submit up to 3 so that when your first choice is already used, we will use your second choice, and so on. No spaces. Minimum 4 characters, Maximum 30 characters. All lowercase (small letters). You can use combination of letters, numbers and dash (-).
  • Enter Your Email Address here... the one you use regularly.
  • Put link to your personal facebook profile
  • If you have a Facebook Page and you want to include it on the sidebar, input the link here.
  • If you have other contact information (such as Viber, WeChat, etc) you want to include, please input it here with proper labels.
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