Uniqueness of AIM Global

Alliance in Motion Global is a unique opportunity, AIM Global is different from all other network marketing business out there and below is a quick summary of what makes Alliance in Motion better than most MLM companies out there.

Uniqueness of AIM Global

  1. One time, life time, international registration (with return of investment)
  2. Buying and selling/Marketing NOT compulsory
  3. Introduce your friends/family to the business and get paid instantly
  4. No Authorship, No time frame, No demotion, No pass up
  5. Unique and unmatched health products
  6. Member-friendly/Hybrid compensation plan (earn from 8 ways simultaneously)
  7. Earn a potential income of up to N153,200 per day
  8. Pay yourself daily
  9. Earn grossly by referring your friends and duplicating yourself in them
  10. 100% Freedom business (Not on any compulsion — Do it as you wish)

Uniqueness of AIM Global

ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL is one of the leading network marketing company in the World today. Has offices in Asia, opened in Nigeria 2012 with offices in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Onitsha and Port Harcourt. Has opened offices in Ghana, Uganda, and Togo. South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, USA, Europe offices on the way.

AIM Global has rebranded network marketing. It’s now fun to be a networker!

JOIN AIM Global  LEADING TEAM Today, WhatsApp Only Only Joseph: +2347033550014 to Get STARTED..  

EMAIL: contact@allianceinmotion.com.ng 

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    Hi, ‘Mychoco is a chocolate drink that is fortified with DHA which enhances the brain/memory and it also comes with 16,000 Phytonutrients.
    Mychoco is very good for brain development and any age group can take it..


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