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Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global Registration Steps

How to Register an Account in Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global

Hello, my Millionaire Friend,

God’s love, joy and peace be with you! Congratulations on your decision to join AIM Global!

How does Alliance in Motion work? Alliance in Motion Global Works with a Hybrid Compensation plan, you can watch our full compensation plan video here 

To complete your application for AIM Global please take these additional steps:

  1. Order at least 1 Global Package = 38,000 Naira (but you can order up to 15 accounts under your name). 

**For those living in Nigeria, you may send the payment via local bank payment with the details as below via bank deposit, ATM Transfer or Online Banking:



Acc No.:  069-654-7610

Contact Number: +23470310836935

You may also process your order at www.allianceinmotion.com.ng/shop

**If you are outside Nigeria, you may get in touch for your registration or send your payment for your order via Western Union addressed to these details:


Address: Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Email Address: contact@allianceinmotion.com.ng

Contact Number: +23470310836935

**For the total cost and breakdown, please contact Joseph as shipping and handling costs depend on your location.

  1. Wait for your business kit and undergo online or offline training

As soon as we receive your payment, we will process your application and register your account to the official website of AIM Global. We then send your login details so you can view your account tracking page activated.

Your Global Package will be delivered to your indicated address within 5-7 working days if outside of Nigeria. Please coordinate with Joseph for your training schedule so you can maximize the business well.

  1. We give you AFFORDABLE personal marketing website.

This is for you to build your network business through online marketing (in addition to doing it locally – person to person). We enrol you to AIM Global Networks training and coaching program and give you access to AIM Academy (AIM Global’s Digital Training Website).

And we are available for you for help and guidance towards success through this email and my contacts below my signature.

Feel free to contact me on WhatsApp Only for any further question or info you need. Contact Number: +23470310836935

Again thank you very much for this opportunity to serve you in the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

We look forward to having you in AIM Global Nigeria Network.

Please add me on Facebook so we can talk further.

Take care and looking forward to helping you with AIM Global.

Your AIM Global Business Coach,

Joseph Adediji

WhatsApp Only: +2347033550014

Email: contact@allianceinmotion.com.ng

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