What is Careleaf Thermal Relief Patch?

What is Careleaf Thermal  Relief  Patch?

This product uses nano-diamonds for the full effect when use on our body. All natural, no chemical substances and
Non-addictive .

What is Careleaf Thermal  Relief  Patch?

It works through contact on skin. Grape seed oil opens up pores for the active ingredients to come in and alleviates inflammation.

The active ingredients are :
What is Careleaf Thermal  Relief  Patch?

  • KOREAN RED GINSENG(PANAX GINSENG) – With anti inflammatory properties and been known in helping to boost immune system , combat aging , alcohol detoxifier,  and rich in anti-oxidants.
  • ST. JOHN’S WORT(Hypericum Perforatum) – A herbal remedy with anti-inflammatory properties , heals wound and been used since the middle ages.
  • TURMERIC(Curcuma Longa ) –  CURCUMIN is the active ingredients which has very potent  anti-inflammatory propeties and antioxidants as well.
  • CAPSAICIN(Capsicum Annuum) – Red Chili pepper is pain reliever and a natural source of endorphin.
  • ORGANIC GERMANIUM  – This is a heat reflector that can utilize body heat.


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